Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cat Fish Brooch

Smiling wearing rust coloured heavy cable knit sweater with a gold brooch of a car sticking his paw in a gold fish jar, dark brown leather skirt, light brown shoes, holding brown Louis never full bag.

This outfit is built around a vintage brooch.

I purchased this brooch from Beacon’s closet, a vintage shop in NY, a while ago. It’s a gold brooch of a cat standing over a fish bowl, which I thought was adorable and very unique. Though I came to discover that there are several of these brooches for sale on ebay. So it's not very unique, but still cute none the less. To make the brooch stand out I chose this rust coloured cable knit sweater. Then I paired it with a dark brown leather skirt and light brown heels. What do you think of this outfit? Have you ever centered your outfit around one particular piece? Have you ever purchased something that you thought was unique only to find out there are dozens of them out there?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Formal Fur Expression

Wearing a black long sleeve dress with blue faux fur stole and black shoes.

My go to outfit for any formal function starts with a simple black dress.

 I then add colourful accessories and other layers. Here I added my favourite faux fur stole, last seen here. Now I’m no model and my cheeks are a bit on the chubby/saggy side so my resting face tends to come off plain or slightly angry at times (I know there is a name for this, but I’m not repeating it here.) For this shoot I wanted to try something different to give more expression to my face. These photos are the result. I think they are a bit fun, what do you think? Do you like your resting face? Do you carry expression well? What is your formal go to outfit?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter Blues

Outside wearing black texttured sweater jacket, ocean blue turtleneck, black and white tweed skirt, black tights, black booties, and blue mirrored sunglasses on head.
During the winter I find it hard to be motivated. The grey skies and freezing weather have given way to my winter blues and longing for summer. I combat this feeling with my outfit choices. So today I added a hint of blue to bring warmth into this cold, cloudy and windy day. Most people would not wear sunglasses since there is almost no sun, but I thought “who cares,” if I want to wear sunglasses on a seemingly cloudy day I should just do it! I did manage to snap a few photos when the sun popped out for a moment so it doesn’t look so out of place in this post. What do you think of this outfit? Have you ever worn sunglasses on a cloudy day simply because it matched your outfit?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

How to Wear Denim On Denim

Wearing an open denim button down on top of a black turtleneck with jeans, black belt with a gold buckle, and black shoes with pom pom fur.
When I was younger I never wore denim. I didn’t like the texture or the look of it. My grandmother even hand made me a denim jacket with embroidered patches on it and I refused to wear it. Now of course I wish I had that jacket as it was a beautiful piece, and it’s totally on trend today. These days I find myself wearing denim more and more. Mainly because it’s machine washable and perfect for running errands in. So for this errand running Saturday I’m wearing denim on denim. To break up the pieces I added a black turtleneck, black belt, and my favourite black fur pom pom shoes. What do you think of this look? Do you like the denim on denim trend? Is it something you would wear? 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Romantic Lace

Wearing blouse with flared lace sleeves and lace collar, topped with a black sleeveless sweater. Black leather skirt with ruffled trim and black clogs. Black sunglasses on head.
Today I’m wearing an Alice & Olivia lace blouse that I purchased years ago on ebay. It was such a great deal that I bought it in white and black. Needless to say both blouses have been sitting in my closet with the tags still on (they were sold “new with tags.”) So I pulled them out as soon as I heard romantic lace is a trend this season. For this outfit I topped the lace blouse with a black sleeveless sweater for depth. Then I paired it with a leather skirt with a ruffled hem, and black clogs. I just love the look of the romantic lace sleeves with the leather and ruffle details of the skirt. What do you think of this look? Do you like the romantic lace trend?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pink & Spider Brooch

Wearing a bright pink sweater with a spider brooch. A light pink button down underneath and a bright pink pencil skirt. Carrying a pink purse.
I was going to spend Valentine’s Day on the couch, but unfortunately a relative had gone into the hospital last week so we spent it with her. I figured I’d wear an all pink outfit to try and brighten an unhappy occasion. This sweater and skirt are very similar in shade so I added a light pink button down underneath to add a little separation between the two darker pieces. I’m also wearing a vintage insect brooch. This spider brooch was part of my grandmother’s collection and since insect brooches are an upcoming trend I thought it was the perfect accessory to my all pink outfit. What do you think of wearing all pink? Is it something you would wear? Did you have a fun Valentine’s Day? 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's outfit - Top of body- Wearing light pink fur trimmed short sweater with a bright  pink ruffled sleeveless top and bright pink pencil skirt with skinny gold belt.
Today I'm showing what I would wear if I had something exciting to do for Valentine’s Day. These days my Valentine’s Day is spent doing the usual - cooking dinner and watching TV on the couch with my two favourite loves - my little dog and my husband. But long ago, before all this couch time, there were fun nights out with friends (Galentine’s) and romantic dinners for which I loved dressing up. So here is what I would wear if I were going out this Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Black Velvet & Purple Fuzz

Wearing black velvet blazer, handmade purple fuzz scarf, belted over the blazer.
Today is Mardi Gras which is celebrated in some cities here in the U.S. so I thought I would add some purple fuzz to my black velvet outfit to celebrate. Where I live there is no celebration, but in cities such as New Orleans, people dress up in fun costumes usually in the colours of purple, green and yellow to celebrate. This purple fuzzy scarf was a handmade gift from my step father’s mother. I just love the colour and softness of the material. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Layering: Sheer Lace Up Top & Turtleneck

Half body shot of outfit with black sheer lace up top over white turtleneck with jeans.
Although they are one of the top trends this year, sheer and lace up tops were not something I thought would ever look decent on me. Maybe I’m a bit modest, or maybe it’s just old age, but I didn’t think I could pull it off until now. This sheer lace up top has been in my closet for years. It was a gift and I never liked the look of it until I paired it with this turtleneck. The sheerness is way too revealing (for me anyway) to wear just a bra or crop top underneath. It needed something more. Once I added the turtleneck, I loved it! I think it gives it a modest and yet modern feel. What do you think of this look? Would you layer a sheer top over a turtleneck?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Glitter Shoes: Channeling My Inner Dorothy

Wearing blue sweater, cream mini skirt, gold glitter shoes with pink trim, and a pink purse and sunglasses.
These outfit photos were taken over the weekend and originally the title of this post was “All that Glitters…” Then something strange happened. Yesterday, while sitting at my computer, I glanced out the window and noticed an odd looking cloud. “That looks like a tornado!” I thought and then quickly dismissed it as an over-worked mind trick since we never get tornados here. The sky was calm, and the weather was to be mild with showers in the afternoon.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quilted Vest & Quilted Skirt

Wearing a quilted vest, black long sleeve turtleneck, quilted gold skirt and knee high grey suede boots.
We have had the craziest weather lately. Today is warm (65F) but windy so I decided to wear an all quilted outfit. I paired a quilted vest with a black turtleneck and my vintage gold quilted skirt, last seen here. I really love the look of the two quilted pieces together. What do you think of this outfit? Would you pair a quilted top and bottom together?